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introduction of Yuehu Museum of Art

Yuehu Museum of Art has a total space of 3,700 square meters. Since 2007, Yuehu Museum of Art has collected more than 60 indoor sculptures from all over the world. The Gallery 1 covers a space of 120 square meters and Gallery 2 covers 140 square meters. Various forms of small exhibitions can be held in the two galleries. The underground exhibition hall has a total exhibition space of 2,000 square meters and a height of 13 meters, equipped with a large elevator. It is an ideal place for holding large-scale events, painting and sculpture exhibitions, as well as concerts, performance and cultural communication. Different kinds of art symposia and artists-in-residence programs are held periodically to create a communication platform for contemporary artists. Yuehu Museum of Art cooperated with international artists, and is one of the best contemporary art museums in Shanghai.

Yuehu Museum of Art has cooperated with many excellent artists. It is one of the best contemporary art museums in Shanghai.




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